Rich Witch 5-Day Challenge:
Practical Magic for Wealthy Living


W.I.T.C.H = Woman In Total Command of Her powers

Get the recordings to go at your own pace, or to repeat a lesson (or the whole course)
any time you want to recharge your magnetism and accelerate your abundance.

  • Day 1: Hekate Renewal Ritual to upgrade your current life lesson (witchy!)
  • Day 2: Banishing Energy Leaks — a little goes a long way
  • Day 3: Make Space Magic — apply “DDD” to magnetize more of the good stuff
  • Day 4: Me-First Magic — the power of your own pleasure
  • Day 5: Future Vision Spell — create a future that pulls you forward
  • Q&A and Completion: Practical Magic applied to real-life challenges

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Here’s what clients say about the Rich Witch Challenge:

Thank you Morgana for doing the 5-day money challenge. I put it out to the universe that I needed a new car, and viola, my old one crapped out on me and didn't leave me a choice but to get a new one (a pre-approved loan letter came in the mail on the 27th of October) and the car broke down on the 25th.
THANK YOU UNIVERSE!!! Even with my poor credit, they were able to help me get a car that's safe, clean and great on mileage. VROOM VROOM DREAMS DO COME TRUE

Dawn-Marie Mutell

It had simply never occurred to me that I could learn the same life lessons in a positive, loving way. Up until that first spell, the belief running in my background was 'If it doesn't hurt, you aren't making any progress/doing it right.' UGH. I am so grateful for the realization that my ability to learn and grow isn't tied to my capacity to tolerate pain! Moving forward, one thing I'm going to do VERY differently is to choose my life lessons very deliberately, with the full faith in the universe that I can learn and grow and stretch in a way that feels positive and good. And I'm going to darn well treat my body like the incredible, magical, sensual goddess temple that she is. No more 'pain makes you stronger.' Bring on the joy!

Kathryn Cipriani

Holy cow..I cleaned and scrubbed that bathroom sink and the phone rang a couple of hours later. Two accounts placed $2300 worth of orders! Talk about manifestation!


I FELL IN LOVE with the future that Morgana guided me to see a year from now. Her gentle instructions brought it to life for me and I am filled with happiness at knowing that it is as real already as anything in my present reality.

Rush Cole

I just got a raise!

Catrina Mae Palmer

Wow, I just got two sales for a faery reiki attunement and a faery card reading today, even though sales have been really slow for the past few months. Something definitely shifted after doing this exercise!

Bernadette Wulff

I've already seen some manifestation! I got a letter from my mortgage company saying that we don't have to pay again till April. That was TOTALLY unexpected. Also, our monthly payment has gone down. This is due to our equity shooting up. The equity shot up more than the 20k I wanted to manifest. Amazing. Another very unexpected of my old stocks that I forgot about has jumped up over 77% since we started the challenge .....oh I so wish I had bought more last week haha.

Migdalia Burgoin

I discovered that I need to be more mindful of my thoughts and intentions. I loved being able to set aside some time each day to really think about what I want. Our web design business and diet product sales have doubled this past week compared to the week before. Going forward I intend to start my day getting clear on my intentions. Thank you so much for the challenge!!

Lara Johns Plogman