Loving Life Abundance Breakthrough!

One of the areas that people struggle with most in life is money. When you discover the secret to creating a positive life-long Relationship with Money–your “Money Honey”– EVERYTHING becomes possible!

I’ve seen the power of this vital relationship and how it can change lives, and now I invite you to take the next step in discovering the path to abundance and prosperity.

To get you started, I am offering you immediate access to my newest Awakened Abundance Breakthrough Package filled with some of my top-selling transformational products, (and some EXCLUSIVE products that you can’t buy separately) including:

Proven Steps To Be A Money Magnet Ebook
In this NEWLY REVISED AND UPDATED e-book, Morgana lays out the fundamentals of her ground-breaking Financial Alchemy program. She walks you through the steps to create a RADICALLY new Relationship with Money. And you get a front row seat for the coaching process as you read the transcript of her coaching a complete stranger through the journey from Money Monster to Money Honey. (This is a $29.97 value.)

The Money, Love, & Magic Roundtable (Not available separately):
3-part panel discussion of 11 top global thought leaders on manifesting more Money, Love, and Magic. The panelists include Bob Doyle (star of The Secret), Noah St. John (best selling author, inventor of Afformations®), Cynthia Kersey (best selling author, philanthropist), Christopher Howard (Internationally acclaimed lifestyle and wealth strategist), Deborah Poneman (global manifestation authority) and other top teachers. (This is a $697 value.)


Limiting Belief Obliterator
QUICKLY and EASILY go back to the root cause of your limitations and transform your past to create an unlimited future! ($29.97 value)


Money’s Likes and Dislikes Checklist (Not available separately)
Your handy cheatsheet on things that attract and repel your Money Honey… ($9.97 value)



NEW NEW NEW!!!  Morgana’s Evolution Accelerator MP3 and Worksheet  (Not available separately)
For when you’re ready to take the lesson and move on…  Get unstuck and manifest your new life! (This is a $197 value.)

Bonus Coaching Call

But wait, there’s more!

I decided to add a recording of a $1,000 laser COACHING CALL.

You’re getting front row seats to what so many people call the “Morgana Effect.

Past students have reported rapid personal and financial breakthroughs from my laser coaching adjustments on these calls (Chris Clavio made $10,000 in 24 hours), and I want you to be next.

This call alone is valued at $1,000.00!

“Since purchasing your teleclass package and doing the deep money monster work and aligning with my Money Honey I immediately received new clients and delinquent loan payments to total $8,000.”  Sarah Horton, Master Coach and Artist


And out of my affection for Shannon and our commitment to your Loving Life, I’m offering this complete

Loving Life Abundance Breakthrough Package

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I believe so strongly in sharing the secrets of making money by putting LOVE first, that I’m happy to share this opportunity with you in hopes that you will step up into the wealth and security you so richly deserve!

Yes, Morgana, I Want an Abundance Breakthrough!






Don’t miss this opportunity to invest in the ground-breaking insights, tools and tips that have helped alter the lives of so many people!

Josef Kraut

I love your products. I am in sales and I have consistently surpassed my monthly targets with ease. Your products have allowed me to create a healthy relationship with money. I find money exciting and rewarding to deal with now. I look forward to successes everyday. The best part is that your methodology has improved other areas of my life as well.

Josef Kraut
Nimmoo Kinger, India

I now have an adult, confident, successful, loving perception of myself, am in total integrity with my Deserving, Abundant, Lovable Self and it is showing up wherever I am going! My healing practice has increased and clients are coming in. There were days when I would be sitting idle with not a single client… and now I have a tough time scheduling them! And thinking of new ways to accommodate more people in the same time! And, this only in two weeks!

Nimmoo Kinger, India
Athena Burke

My mortgage company called and asked us if we would like to refinance our house at a lower rate and they would cover all the expenses. Called us!!!!! Is that a miracle or what? It turns out that I will be able to refinance, they will also pay off a huge credit card debt and our payment will still be less a month.

Athena Burke
Rush Cole

I feel as if I am living the most wonderful dream I could ever have… True wealth is the sense of profound well-beingness that comes with knowing that we are loved for ourselves, just as we are… And now, I have Money, too! Blessed Be, Morgana, I am so glad that you and I are in the world at the same time! Thank you for sharing your gift.

Rush Cole
Catherine Behan

Money elude you? One hour with Morgana Rae and magically $3000 appeared on my door step. No Kidding.

Catherine Behan
Sarah Angelli

Last week both my husband and I commented that everything was so effortless that it was almost like I wasn’t working – but when I added up the income I had an extremely successful week – I actually added up the numbers a few times because I could hardly believe it! But now I am a believer!

Sarah Angelli