Morgana’s Ultimate Money Goddess (San Miguel) Retreat

June 12-17, 2022
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Radically, Rapidly, and Permanently Transform Your Relationship With Money
and Create a Money Goddess Life Forever

Join Me and a Hand-Picked Group of Goddess-Minded Women
for 6 Days of Pampering, Mentoring and Adventure in an Extraordinary Location

Hello Sister Goddess.

If you look through the pages of history, you’ll see goddesses come in all shapes and sizes.

Tall and short, thin and fat, young and old…

  • They do what they want.
  • They charge what they’re worth.
  • They (sleep with) whomever they choose.
  • And they apologize to no one.


Just imagine what life would be like if we ALL lived like Goddesses!

Unfortunately, the vast majority of modern women have lost touch with their innate Goddess nature…

Introducing My Ultimate Money Goddess Experience

During the Ultimate Money Goddess Destination Retreat,
you will step into your true nature as a divine Money Goddess.

Terez Autrand

By day 2, I was ecstatic, the fog had lifted. My chakras were blown wide open. I could feel myself coming out of a shell, being authentic, unafraid, being my true self. And it tasted like freedom.

Terez Autrand

See behind the scenes–and the personal stories–from Inside the Money Goddess Retreat:

The process begins by healing your relationship with money …

Because money is the NUMBER ONE EXCUSE for women not living their dreams.

Money is the top reason for every thing you believe you can’t have, can’t do, and can’t be.

It affects EVERY area of your life: your time, your freedom, your health, your family, your romance, your environment, your self-esteem, your security, your legacy, your happiness…

When you become a Money Goddess, you’ll get

  • A new relationship with a money who LOVES you and wants to stay with you
  • Your own Persephone Prosperity Map™ to show you who your ideal clients are, and what they want from you
  • The obliteration of your most limiting belief
  • Confidence and self-love of a quality you may never have felt before
  • totally new way to set your fees (probably much higher than before) that feels totally natural, good, and easy
  • An Adventure of a Life Time
  • COMMUNITY of Like-Minded Women, and relationships that can last forever…

Being a Money Goddess is about so much more than money.

Yes, money’s important.

But being a Money Goddess is about your WHOLE LIFE.

Feeling gorgeous. Loving and respecting yourself. Being loved and respected. Doing what you want, when you want…

… AND being paid very, very well by people who love to give you money for your gifts!

I’m determined to help create a world where EVERY WOMAN loves, honors, and respects herself in every aspect... just like a Goddess of yore.

Kamala Strohmeyer

I Am very Grateful for all your love, advice, and support! Your Goddess Journey was transformational for me in so many ways. Bonding with a Sisterhood of Goddesses who are so loving, supportive, and empowering is a Blessing. Arm in arm with my Money Honey, my Heart is open to receive even more Love, Joy, and Abundance in every Magical moment!

Kamala Strohmeyer
Tonya Anderson, Senior Consultant at Penn Strategies

Morgana’s Ultimate Money Goddess Retreat saved my financial sanity, restored my spirit and career dreams.The financial coaching, the goddess networking, beautiful head shots, the lush experience, and abundance of organic food proved to be an excellent investment into myself, my heart and soul.

Tonya Anderson, Senior Consultant at Penn Strategies
Virginia Orgonista

Sooooo…..besides my consciousness expanding and at times my mind wanting to explode, I have also lost ten pounds since the retreat without trying! Yeah, this work is phenomenal, Morgana Rae! I am continuing to push through any old beliefs that come up….so just want to say thank you.

Virginia Orgonista
Deborah Hurwitz, Award-Winning Composer, Conductor, and Coach

"I want to thank you here, Morgana, for the powerful work we did together that just popped a new iteration: This $500K year for my business. THANK YOU, you beautiful fabulous rich witch, you!!"

Deborah Hurwitz, Award-Winning Composer, Conductor, and Coach
Shalini Joshi Yamdagni, Author of

Morgana Rae, thank you! Thank you for showing up in my life at the right time, via the Retreat. Because of you so many doors keep opening up. I have never come across a more generous mentor, and I’ve had great mentors! I am soaking in deep gratitude. Thank you for helping me live my soul’s dream.

Shalini Joshi Yamdagni, Author of "Instant Pain Relief"
Pirie Jones Grossman, E-Entertainment Host, Author, Coach

I can't say enough positive things about my working with Morgana and my time with all these amazing Goddesses!! Working with Morgana was the BEST experience I ever had in transitioning my financial mindset. Of course, the real work was changing my limiting thinking. We shifted beliefs to a whole new level!

Pirie Jones Grossman, E-Entertainment Host, Author, Coach
Jacqueline Hadden, the Conscious Connector

I can say with complete integrity that Morgana has obliterated my darkest block and given me a relationship with money that I never thought possible. I never understood exactly how powerful she was until I experienced her in person.

Jacqueline Hadden, the Conscious Connector

Meet Your Money Goddess Mentor

In case we haven’t worked together yet, let me share a little bit about my background.

I’m Morgana Rae, your Money Goddess mentor… and the international #1 best selling author of Financial Alchemy: Twelve Months of Magic and Manifestation. I’ve been coaching conscious entrepreneurs, artists, authors, and healers for over 28 years. I’m also a certified Master Results Coach and mythologist trained in NLP, hypnosis, and co-active coaching.

I’m widely regarded to be the world’s Leading “Relationship with Money” coach, and I’ve been featured as an expert with well-known luminaries like Deepak Chopra, Tony Robbins, Marci Shimoff, Arielle Ford, Noah St. John, John Assaraf, T. Harv Eker, Jon Gray, Marianne Williamson, Bernie Siegel, Bob Doyle, Rhonda Britten, Christopher Howard, Derek Rydall, and Marcia Weider.

My groundbreaking Financial Alchemy® program for attracting wealth has been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, United Press International, and The Wall Street Journal. My Financial Alchemy® books, cds, magazine articles and classes have impacted the lives of thousands of people worldwide, and I also wrote a monthly “Life Magic” column for a national magazine on women’s spirituality.

I am also 26 weddings deep into getting married 100 times in 100 countries... to the same man. (100% his idea.) My husband and I also co-hosted the wildly popular "Crazy Sexy Midlife Love" radio show and podcast.

The work I do with you goes far beyond helping you heal your relationship with money. That’s only the FIRST PHASE in embracing your divine nature as a Money Goddess.

More Money Goddess Experiences

You can check out even more Money Goddess stories HERE!

(But be sure to return to this page when you're done.)

Signs that you may be ready for a Money Goddess Makeover include:

  • “Athena Overwhelm” … your to-do lists are a million miles long, and you’re working too hard. You may be outwardly successful, but inside you’re exhausted! Your health may be suffering. And just to top things off, your romantic life is plagued by disappointment.
  • “Wounded Aphrodite Syndrome” … where you turn to compulsive eating (or purging), shopping, or sex, in an attempt to satisfy your unmet needs for love, pleasure, and admiration.
  • “Persephone Tailspin” … the “not good enough” disease. You feel helpless, hurt, and not worthy or powerful enough to have what you want in life.
  • “Hekate Meltdown” … after too many years of giving everything away, putting yourself last, and not getting your needs met, you’re ready to explode!

Do one or more of these sound familiar?

Then I’m glad you’re still reading.

Because I can help you PERMANENTLY shift your life … in as little as 6 days.

Learn to Tap Into These 7 Archetypes of Feminine Power

During the Ultimate Money Goddess Bali Experience, you’ll discover how to work with the 7 Goddess energies to transform your life forever…

  • The Goddess Psyche, who teaches us how to CHANGE our Relationship with Money, from a money “monster” to a money “honey” who LOVES you and wants to STAY with you!

  • The Goddess Aphrodite, who shows us the irresistible MAGNETISM of our own Pleasure and Beauty. (Her planet Venus rules wealth as much as it rules love!)

  • The Goddess Persephone, who shows us how to turn our darkest pains and failures into a Roadmap for our Purpose and Prosperity!

  • The Goddess Hekate, the scary goddess who is the antidote to “people pleasing,”and gets rid of anything that doesn’t work!

  • The Goddess Artemiswhose arrow hits its targets even in the dark of night, and connects us to the power of our Intuition andCommunity.

  • The Goddess Athena, who Strategizes and sends out her soldiers to make things happen FOR her!

  • The Goddess Lakshmi, the ultimate goddess of Wealth, Beauty, Charm, and Romance. She puts it all together…

What Happens When You Live Life as a Money Goddess?

Sofie Adde, Artist, Actress, Designer

Synchronicities show up like magic every other day. Feeling very connected to the divine, my spiritual practice deepens. My eczema is gone... And even if emotions arise I am connected to my joy constantly underneath it all. Every week I do something to stay connected to my Aphrodite energy. Life is good.

Sofie Adde, Artist, Actress, Designer
Sarah Hoskin Clymer, Certified Life Coach and Martial Artist

I was able to create a whole new relationship with money. This relationship not only allows me to show up as a wealthy, empowered, successful woman, but gently demands it. And this has in turn rippled out into every area of my life so that I am now a wealthy woman in every sense of the word!

Sarah Hoskin Clymer, Certified Life Coach and Martial Artist
Dr. Joslyn Zale of Awakened Body Wisdom

My life is more fabulous, rich, and filled with love now than it has ever been. I can say without exaggeration that it improves daily and effortlessly with new insights, creations, and releases of other limiting beliefs. I can access this part of myself whenever I choose. It is so EASY!

Dr. Joslyn Zale of Awakened Body Wisdom
Kirsten Nelson

What I found was that having my money honey loving me completely and supporting me absolutely helped my marriage immensely. Suddenly because I was being supported perfectly in all the ways I needed to be supported, I was able to love my husband so much more and allow him to just be him, imperfections and all. He was no longer responsible for filling all the needs I had that he just couldn’t fill (as wonderful as he is) and that really aren’t his job to fill to begin with and it’s unfair for me to expect him to fill anyway. Money now was there to fill that void. Pretty darn cool!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart and from the toppest most part of my soul for all the love and support you have shown me on this Goddess Journey.

Kirsten Nelson
Sarah Angelli

Last week both my husband and I commented that everything was so effortless that it was almost like I wasn’t working– but when I added up the income I had an extremely successful week – I actually added up the numbers a few times because I could hardly believe it! But now I am a believer!

Sarah Angelli

NEW!!! San Miguel de Allende: A Location Fit For A Goddess

Conde Naste and Travel + Leisure have repeatedly voted tiny, romantic, cobble-stoned San Miguel de Allende THE BEST CITY IN THE WORLD.

It really is. (I'm shopping for a house there. No joke.)

I selected San Miguel de Allende for this amazing retreat because I wanted to create an UNFORGETTABLE and POWERFUL EXPERIENCE.

San Miguel sits on a mountain of crystal. The location is MAGICAL.

Rich in culture, art, music, shopping, world-class restaurants and brightly colored buildings, San Miguel is a feast for the senses.

It is the SPIRITUAL and ARTISTIC HEART of Mexico.

I have been WANTING to lead my retreat here for years!!!


San Miguel is definitely a case where a picture is worth 1,000 words. Simply take a look … and you’ll see why this is an ideal incubator for your transformation into a Money Goddess.

What we’ll be doing in San Miguel:

  • “GoddessMind” sessions each morning, accessing the Collective Goddess Wisdom of the group…
  • Personal, deep, one-on-one coaching with me... ALL the access you desire
  • Immersing ourselves in Beauty and Breakthroughs with
    • Ritual and magic
    • A lush environment steeped in nature and art
    • The best of San Miguel at your doorstep
    • Delicious food
    • Shopping (of course)
    • Surprises
  • Transformation. Guaranteed. Your life will never be the same.

And because I KNOW that traveling alone to a foreign country can sometimes feel scary for us women…

We will:

  • Take care of your lodgings for the retreat
  • Pick you up from the airport
  • Provide breakfast and lunch each day (and dinner the first and last night)
  • Introduce you to a land and experiences you’ll want to return to again and again

You will be safe and protected, in a paradise environment, with a group of like-minded women.

Attendance is strictly limited and invitation-only. Apply for an interview now.

And I Have A Special Gift For You…

Even before you arrive in San Miguel, you get access to transformation with my

Money Goddess Experience Home-Study Program ($4,988 Value)

You’ll receive:

  • 20 Content Packed Videos ($3,500 value)
  • 47 page Study Guide ($97 value)
  • 10 hours of High Impact Content
  • 8 Life Changing Exercises and Visualizations
  • 20 Money Goddess Strategies
  • Bonus Material: How to Identify Your Mission, Your Marketing Niche, and the Magnetic Words to Attract Your Ideal Client™ (Valued at $197)
  • Bonus Material: How to Create a Six Figure Website on a Shoe String™ (Valued at $197)
  • Bonus Membership: EXCLUSIVE Money Goddess Facebook group–be part of a Community. Form meaningful connections. Ask your questions and access to Morgana. (Valued for one year at $997)

As soon as your space at the Ultimate Money Goddess Retreat is confirmed, I’ll enroll you in this incredible home-study program.

Watch the videos, go through the exercises … and begin to embark on a new Relationship with Money.

By the time you land in Mexico, you’ll be primed and ready an amazing love affair.

… and I’ll Pay for Your Lodging

Obviously, it will be far more convenient to stay on-site with the rest of our small circle of goddesses (not to mention easier having me handle the housing details).

Limited to 6 Goddesses Maximum

In a public seminar, I can guide groups of 50 to 5,000 through the Financial Alchemy® process. The only problem is that I can’t devote that much personal time to any particular attendee. In fact, it’s quite likely that you won’t get any personal attention at all during a public event … even if you’re gaining tremendous amounts of high-quality information.

I want the Money Goddess experience to be DIFFERENT.

I don’t want you to return home with a bunch of information to review and ideas to implement. I want you to return home different. Better. Happier and more passionate about your life.

In other words, I want to do the work while we’re together.

However, to ensure that Money Goddess Experience offers the level of deep and lasting transformation that I envision, it’s essential that the participation remains strictly limited.

I want to be able to work closely with every single woman who attends.

That’s why I’m accepting no more than 6 women for this extraordinary retreat.

Tiffaney Pitts

I learned that women have a sisterhood that is a healing medicine that you cannot find anywhere on earth or in the cosmos, and that we are all goddesses. We all need to be goddesses together.

Tiffaney Pitts

I want us BOTH to feel certain that

Which is why this retreat is INVITATION ONLY,
and requires an INTERVIEW first!

Click the yellow link below to fill out the application for a Money Goddess Interview:

Sage DeRosier, MCSW

I came to this retreat with a lot of baggage around money and a lot of old beliefs, old crusty beliefs that were not serving me. Morgana helped me to take a really good look at that and destroy those beliefs. I think I’m going to be a wealth adventurerer, and that’s blowing my mind.

Sage DeRosier, MCSW
Julie Vanderhulst

I have my first client just about to start. If it wasn’t for you going to on this retreat and me getting on that gravy train, I wouldn’t be doing it and forging ahead with all sorts of amazing, exciting, adventurous business. And when I say business, I mean making money in a fun and meaningful way.

Julie Vanderhulst
Carmen Taylor

You are in for a treat. I've had many coaches and no one comes close to Morgana Rae. Get ready to cry, get ready to laugh, get ready to change your life forever more.

Carmen Taylor
Demetria Manouselis

To say that I am a huge fan of what you are doing is a huge understatement. I am so glad I made the decision to go on the retreat. That truly was one of the best experiences I have ever had for a multitude of reasons. Thank you for your commitment and undivided attention the entire time. More than anything, thank you for showing me what is possible.

Demetria Manouselis

One Word of Warning!

While I’m one of the most caring and empathic people you’re likely to ever meet, I also love to see BIG, DRAMATIC, IMMEDIATE IMPROVEMENTS happen in people’s lives.

And that can scare some people off!

I personally believe change can be EASY, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t look scary before you get there. In fact, I think many of us waste many years putting off what we want, because we’re afraid that change will hurt or be hard or dangerous or impossible.

I respect wherever you are in your journey. You may want to keep doing what you’re doing… for now.

If, on the other hand, you’re sick and tired of struggle, dissatisfaction, and not quite getting what you want… ESPECIALLY if you’ve already been taking the mindset classes, the business classes, seeing the therapists, studying the Law of Attraction, doing EFT, doing NLP, doing hypnosis, doing Reiki, meditating, visioning, and everything else under the sun… this may be for you!

I’m the coach people come to when they’ve tried everything else.

===> Like my client Jean, for instance, who worked with a Law of Attraction coach for SIX YEARS without seeing any results!

I took Jean through my process and PRESTO! A new dream job–a directorship. In our first 2 MONTHS of coaching!!!!

It wasn’t even the job she applied for. She didn’t even have all of the necessary “credentials” for the job!

But her new employers couldn’t resist her ENERGY, her CONFIDENCE, her PASSION, so they gave her the job she really wanted. They had to have her! And it was EASY!!!]

If you are yearning for dramatic positive change in your life NOW, and the Money Goddess Bali Experience is calling to you, be warned that the inner forces that have kept you stuck–your limiting beliefs, your “money monster”–may start fighting for their lives… they know their days are numbered!

Beware the 2 Sneakiest Saboteurs That Will Keep You Stuck

When your Inner Saboteurs fight for their lives, two obstacles often show up:

“I don’t have money” and “I don’t have time”

Achtung! Danger!

Every time you use Money as the EXCUSE for not doing what you want, you make Money the BAD GUY!

You unconsciously build anger and resentment and fear. Money becomes the powerful monster that keeps you from your dreams.

If you really want to create a new, loving, sacred, pleasurable relationship with Money, INVEST in this change. Let your Money Honey know he’s a priority. You’re going to have a relationship with Money until the day you die, so make it a good one! Magical things often happen with this one shift.

And then there’s the time issue. Flying halfway around the world and being away from home for close to a week can be really inconvenient. I get it!

But remember this…

Participating in this exclusive retreat will not only produce profound transformation – it will produce it quickly.

There will be no distractions, no interruptions, no responsibilities.

Just you, me, and a small group of women in a magical space … an incubator of sorts from which you can give birth to your new life.

For 5 sacred days, you’ll be devoting every bit of energy and focus to transforming yourself and your relationship with money.

Many other experts offer highly priced inner circles or mastermind groups, where you’d work to achieve big results over the course of a year.


I want you to achieve massive success … quickly. That’s why I decided to shepherd a small group of women through this process.

Something magical happens when you join together with other people – especially women – who share your intention for growth and transformation.

Together, we create a collective energy that attracts in the universe’s support and resources.

So you can effortlessly break through barriers … let go of beliefs and habits that don’t support you … and fully step into your unique and priceless feminine power.

Are you ready for transformation?

But Recognize That This May NOT Be Right for You…

You may prefer a slower pace of transformation.

You may not want to work personally with me.

You may feel like you “don’t deserve” to give yourself the time and money to invest in this extraordinary experience.

If these reasons seem logical and familiar to you, please let me offer something for your consideration…

ANYTHING that keeps you from self expression, choice, and happiness is your Money Monster at work.

I may NOT be the right coach for you.

But if you’re feeling a yearning to come with me, PAY ATTENTION to that feeling!

The work we’ll do at the Money Goddess Experience is a threat to your monster. We’re talking profound transformation … from the work we do in our daily Goddess Mind sessions to the sensory-rich experience that the retreat will be.

The massages, the pampering, the temple visits … all of these activities are designed to give you the kinesthetic experience of being a Goddess and taking extraordinary care of your mind, body and soul.

In fact, this may be the most cherished and nurtured you’ve ever felt.

This pampering may feel uncomfortable for you. In fact, I practically guarantee it. But it’s an invaluable experience that will trigger tremendous shifts in and of itself.

Is this event right for you? Let’s find out.

Are You Ready to Embrace Life as a Money Goddess?

If you’re ready to live a Money Goddess life without apology…

If you’re ready to dive into an ADVENTURE in an exotic paradise…

If you’re ready to discover my Seven Goddess Archetypes of Feminine Empowerment for a new level love and wealth in your life…

2022 Tuition is $15,000.

Space is extremely limited. Especially after so long in quarantine... my women are eager to gather!

Apply now:

Your Money Goddess Guide,

Morgana Rae

P.S. One more thing about Goddesses…


If you call Aphrodite fat, she’ll laugh in your face.

Then she’ll kill your cows.

It’s good to be a Goddess, isn’t it?


Anna Stookey

People who haven’t seen me in a while have literally said, ‘Hey, what’s going on with you – you’re glowing…’ when they see me. It’s setting my life on fire, and that feels magical.This work is most certainly a gift.

Anna Stookey
Megan Brown

Morgana uses spiritual tools to connect you with your inner knowledge while outlining concrete actions to help manifest those goals. Morgana’s gentle presence is a safe place for your dreams, and her firm faith gives you the courage to go after them.

Megan Brown


We act only in the capacity as an agent for the passengers in all matters connected with lodging accommodations, sight-seeing tours and land transportation, and shall not be responsible or liable for any injury, loss, theft, accident, health impairment, delay, irregularity or incident resulting from strikes, weather, fuel outages, government regulations or Acts of God. Nor shall we be responsible for any act or omission of any individual or organization providing the transportation, services or accommodations in connection with this journey, nor any delay or expense incurred due to disruption or revision of schedules, not for any cause beyond its control. We are not responsible for any physical, emotional reaction or trauma or ailment, during the tour or occurring after the tour.